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Kung Fu Titles

These are the Traditional Kung Fu Titles commonly used.They are not placed in any particular order.The numbers beside them indicate the amount of emphasis placed on each syllable in pronunciation.

Si Fu

Cantonese: si fu

Cantonese (Yale): si1 fu6

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 fu4


Si Gung - Grandmaster

Cantonese: si gung

Cantonese (Yale): si1 gung1

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 gong1


Si Tai Gung – Great Grandmaster

Cantonese: si tai gung

Cantonese (Yale): si1 taai3 gung1

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 tai4 gong1


Si Jo – Great Great Grandmaster

Cantonese: si jo

Cantonese (Yale): si1 jou2

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 zu3


Jo Si - Founder

Cantonese: jo si

Cantonese (Yale): jou2 si1

Mandarin (Pinyin): zu3 shi1


Jung Si – Teacher of Tradition

Cantonese: jung si

Cantonese (Yale): jung1 si1

Mandarin (Pinyin): zong1 shi1


Si Heng – Senior Kungfu Brother

Cantonese: si heng

Cantonese (Yale): si1 hing1

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 xiong1


Si Jie - Senior Kungfu Sister

Cantonese: si jie

Cantonese (Yale): si1 je2

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 jie3


Si Dai - Junior Kungfu Brother

Cantonese: si dai

Cantonese (Yale): si1 dai6

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 di4


Si Mui - Junior Kungfu Sister

Cantonese: si mui

Cantonese (Yale): si1 mui6

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 mei4


Si Pak – Senior Kungfu Uncle

Cantonese: si pak

Cantonese (Yale): si1 baak3

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 bo2


Si Ku Ma - Senior Kungfu Aunt

Cantonese: si ku ma

Cantonese (Yale): si1 gu1 ma1

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 gu1 ma1  


Si Sook - Junior Kungfu Uncle

Cantonese: si sook

Cantonese (Yale): si1 suk1

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 shu1


Si Ku Jie - Junior Kungfu Aunt

Cantonese: si ku jie

Cantonese (Yale): si1 gu1 je2

Mandarin (Pinyin): shi1 gu jie3


Tou Dai - Student

Cantonese: tou dai

Cantonese (Yale): tou4 dai6

Mandarin (Pinyin): tu2 di4


Tou Shoon – Grandstudent (Male)

Cantonese: tou shoon

Cantonese (Yale): tou4 syun1

Mandarin (Pinyin): tu2 sun1


Tou Shoon Lui – Grandstudent (Female)

Cantonese: tou shoon lui

Cantonese (Yale): tou4 syun1 neui5

Mandarin (Pinyin): tu2 sun1 nu3


Si Jat – Kungfu Nephew

Cantonese: si jat

Cantonese (Yale): si1 jat6

Mandarin (Pinyin): si1 zhi2


Si Jat Lui – Kungfu Niece

Cantonese: si jat lui

Cantonese (Yale): si1 jat6 neui5

Mandarin (Pinyin): si1 zhi2 nu3


Si Mou – Master's Wife

Cantonese: si mou

Cantonese (Yale): si1 mou5

Mandarin (Pinyin): si1 mu3


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