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European Hung Gar Association


E.H.G.A is an association of European schools and people dedicated to the Hung Gar style of Kung Fu. EHGA was founded in 1998. It has the following goals: 

  1. Working together within the worldwide Hung Gar brotherhood.
  2. Respecting each other as masters and styles of different lineages.
  3. Joining our technical, organisational efforts and skills to offer practitioners the chance to take part in high level technical seminars and national or international tournaments.
  4. Keeping close contact and informing each other about seminars, championships, etc.
  5. Organising once every two years an International Hung Gar Championship.
  6. Preserving authentic traditional Hung Gar for the future.
We are trying to spread and preserve Hung Ga over the years. It doesn't matter what lineage you belong to, if you would like to cooperate, please contact us. 

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