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IKF(International Kung Fu Federation)

On Sunday 16th July 2006, Clonmel Hung Gar Kung Fu Club was accepted as an Associate Member of this prestigious Federation.The IKF is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of all forms of Kung Fu and Tai Chi in their original traditional format.One of it's key objectives is the exposure of false Forms under the Wushu Banner.Wushu effectively is a puppet of the Chinese Government dedicated to eradicating all original Forms of Kung Fu and Tai Chi such as Hung Gar and replacing them with choreographed modern Forms that are approved by the Chinese Government.We oppose this attempt at hijacking Traditional Chinese Culture and replacing it with something pleasing to, and controlled by the Communist Chinese Government and will support the IKF in any way possible.For further details on the activities of the IKF please use the link below.