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Restraint Techniques

Restraint Techniques are used to subdue an opponent and restrain them without unnecessarily causing them serious harm.
For this reason, they are a useful tool for anyone to have, but especially for those in the Security Industry ie Doormen, Security Staff,Members of the Armed Forces and Gardaí

Using Techniques from Kung Fu Chin Na(or Grabbing and Breaking) and combining them with applications that have been proven to work in real life, we can offer anyone interested the ability to quickly and effectively restrain would be attackers.

These techniques require constant repetition in order to enable you to learn the muscle memory required, so for that reason, we use the Buddy System, where you have a partner to practise on and will see how these techniques affect the human body and enable you to use an opponents body against himself/herself.

It is very gratifying to us to see someone come in off the street and in a matter of a few lessons have the ability to defend themselves so effectively.

For years, the old Masters kept these techniques hidden except for a chosen few Students, so it gives us great pleasure to be able to share them with the general public, who probably need them now more than ever.

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