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Street Self Defence


We Offer A Realistic No Holds Barred Approach When It Comes To Personal Safety

What Is It that prevents most people from defending themselves against an attacker?

In most cases it is FEAR..usually an attack happens with little or no warning, is over very quickly and leaves the victim injured or maimed at best.

In those few seconds the victims adrenaline can cause them to  freeze and prevent them from even attempting to flee, if they had the chance to that is.

We use a reality based approach coupled with techniques that have been proven in the street to free you from your natural instincts to freeze and instead enable you to react quickly, aggressively and effectively.

This does not happen overnight or in 1 class, it does require that you apply the techniques and make them part of your daily routine, but if you persevere it will give you the ability to at least survive those first few seconds and possibly save your life.

Because for us F.E.A.R. means only one thing-


Four Small Words That Mean A Lot

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