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Listed here on this page are some Hung Gar Masters with Links to their Websites whom we consider to be foremost in protecting and teaching the original values and Forms of Hung Gar.
Chiu Chi Ling(Son of Chiu Kao)
Chiu Wai(Son of Chiu Kao)
Frank Bolte School in the Philippines
Kwong Wing Lam
Lam Chun Fai(Son of Lam Cho,Student of Lam Sai Wing)
Y.C.Wong(Student of Lam Cho)
Bucksam Kong(Student of Lam Cho)
Frank Yee(Yee Chi Wai)-Tang Fong Hung Gar
Jim Uglow(Student of Chan Hon Chung)London England
Curtis Kautzman(Canadian Hung Kuen Association)
This List is by no means exhaustive,so if you know of a Master that you feel should be included,please contact us and we will check it out

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